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Social Costs of Atmospheric CO2 - Estimating the social costs of carbon

How much would the US save by reducing the density of greenhouse gases?

We can use estimates of the social cost of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for the sake of having base levels to discuss.

In terms of dollars in the long-term damage done by a ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) for any one year, the dollar amount in damages decreases as the level of CO2 in the atmosphere decreases. Note the damage to species populations in the wild are not part of the economic equation here. The social cost of carbon, then, is narrowly defined in "humanistic" terms. In the narrowest of examples, consider the cost of air conditioning without adding in the cost of CO2 released into the atmosphere to produce electricity to run air conditioning systems.

o the social cost of CO2 resulting from climate damage will include agricultural production losses, human health damage, and property damages. The increase of floods, increases in energy costs,